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We know, we love Halloween too! Between the going out with friends, dressing up for a night out, and all of the good candy… how could anyone resist? 

Alright, you got us… we mostly love the candy part. But what do you do when Halloween is over, and you have an abundance of candy left over? Well… we’ve got some fun ways to use up that Halloween candy this year! 

  • Freeze it. If there’s anything our grandmas taught us, it would be that you can freeze anything, and it will last forever! It’s true, and that advice is great for candy. So throw your candy into a Ziploc bag or something that will keep it from spilling all over your freezer, and take it out throughout the year for shakes, ice cream toppings, a sweet treat, or for baking! 
  • Bake with it. Yes, above we said to freeze it and use it throughout the year for baking, but who is to say you can’t make yourself a treat in November? Pinterest has a lot of great ways to incorporate chocolate candy into baking delights. Checkout this 3 Musketeers Cake!
  • Throw some in your purse. Not sure about you, but we sure love a sweet bite every now and then. Especially after a heavy lunch meal at work. We can’t count the times that we wish we had some chocolate or a sweet bite lying within our arms reach in these moments. Just don’t let it melt on you! 
  • Share! It’s true… there’s no better way to make friends than by sharing candy. Bring some to work and share with your coworkers, or to school and share with your classmates. 
    Tip: one thing we have learned is, if you set a bowl of candy on your desk, and share with your coworkers, you’ll soon start to make all kinds of friends and create all kinds of work friendships that you might not have otherwise done. Who knew there was so much power in candy?! 

And hey… don’t feel bad if you don’t have any left-over candy after Halloween. There’s no shame in eating all of your candy! We just thought we’d share some fun ways to enjoy your sweets throughout the year.