The Reliability Of Home Pregnancy Tests

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The Reliability Of Home Pregnancy Tests

One Of The Many Services That The Rockville Women’s Center (RWC) Offers: A Free Laboratory-Grade Pregnancy Test. 


“Why Should I Bother Going To A Pregnancy Center If I Can Take A Home Pregnancy Test Right Now?”

While at-home tests do tend to be accurate, they also carry the risk of being mishandled or misread. Additionally, a pregnancy test cannot determine if your pregnancy is viable, meaning the fetus is alive and growing. The test can detect whether or not the pregnancy hormone HCG is present in your urine, but a viability ultrasound is necessary to determine whether or not the fetus is living. At RWC, viability ultrasound is also available for you to know if you are definitely pregnant and how far along you are.

Some of our clients shyly admit that they take two, three, or even four pregnancy tests at home before coming to the conclusion that they really need to come into the center. Why do women take so many tests at home and still feel uncertain about the results or about what to do next? Quite simply, they need the comfort and confidence provided by our caring team, who not only runs the test but also talks with them about the results – even more importantly, talks about how those results may impact their lives. Our professional team gives a woman the answers she needs to make an informed decision about her pregnancy.

RWC is a non-profit organization and our services are completely free. These services can help you find out whether or not you are actually pregnant, whether or not that pregnancy is progressing, and the gestational age. 

Why do we do this for free? Our compassionate team cares about your health and safety! We give you all the information you need to move forward without any judgment or pressure. We are here to help you clear up any doubts and confusion, clear out the noise, and get the information you need to make your own decision. We do not perform or refer for abortion, facilitate adoptions, or provide prenatal care. This means that we have no financial interest in your decision. And because we offer completely free services, we don’t profit from your decision—no matter what you choose.

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