Spring Showers… How to Stay Positive with So Much Change!

Spring Showers… How to Stay Positive with So Much Change!

As we all know, COVID-19 has left us with many uncertainties and unease. Just as the rain brings gray skies and spring can be an uncertain season, with the right attitude and positivity, we come out seeing life a bit clearer. The same can be applied with our world right now as we experience COVID-19. Try to use a positive lens when looking at the current situation.

Spring is definitely here! We know this because of the copious amounts of rain we have been getting lately. BUT, there are plenty of things to do, and even more reasons to remain positive.

#1 – Spring showers bring May flowers. Have you heard that one before? Without the rain, we wouldn’t have the beautiful flowers and outside landscapes that we have. Bring on the rain (in moderation!) so we can have the most beautiful views all summer long.

#2 – Prep for summertime! Even though the weather is on its way to being extremely sunny and warm, we aren’t quite there. So, our advice to you, is clean what you need to inside, so that when the weather is nice and all we want to do is be outside, you have already completed your major chores for the month (or year 😉 )

#3 – Sun IS coming. We post about this often, but it’s true… there is a rainbow after all of this rain and there are many reasons to stay positive. To keep your spirits up, think about all the fun you’ll have during the summer; hiking, camping, picnicking, swimming etc.. Can’t wait!

#4 – Use it as a reason to rest your body. It is just as important as being active. This pandemic and social distancing has taught us how to be still. Even once this has lifted, it’s still important to remember to take time for self-care. So, when it’s rainy outside, try to look at the bright side. Think about the things that you can do. Read a book. Journal. Catch up on a movie or a favorite show. Take a bubble bath and light some candles. Meditate. Be present. Enjoy the moment you’re in. You won’t get it back!

Remember, the rain will pass. Remain positive! You’re not alone! We are in this together.