Be That Girl

Be that Girl

Be That Girl

Everyone always tells you to “be yourself” and “do you”. But what does that even mean? In a world full of nonstop media, a digital world that changes faster than we can blink, social media heroes, and idols coming at us from all directions… it’s hard to know who “yourself” even is. 

No matter what you aspire to be, who you look up to, and what you want to become… doing a few things routinely might just help you find yourself a bit sooner than you would otherwise. So be that girl and…

  1. Smile at everyone. Yes, we said it… and more importantly we mean it. Smiling at everyone, no matter how happy you are or how your day is going, will make those around you feel happy and even better yet, it’ll make you more approachable. It’s hard to find who you are, if you just focus on yourself. Look around and try to make someone else’s day. 
  2. Remain open to new ideas and adventures. Just because you’ve never done something before… doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Give it a try! If new ideas scare you, try to move a little more out of your comfort zone a little each time a friend asks you to… and before no time, you might just have a new hobby! You might just find that “being yourself” is defined by something you haven’t even experienced yet. 
  3. Be kind. This ties nicely into #1, but seriously just be kind to everyone. It costs you nothing, and others will appreciate it. If you’re constantly negative and grouchy towards others, you might miss out on newfound opportunities and friendships.
  4. Put the devices down. Yep… phones, laptops, tablets. Anything that streams outside media into your life, put it away. Depending on your lifestyle, maybe you have to use electronics for your job, but there are other ways to follow through with this tip. Maybe you make your bedroom a no phone zone or start spending time outside instead of watching TV in the evenings when the weather is beautiful outside. We’re not saying it’s all bad… but how’re you supposed to figure out who you are with social media, newscasts, and TV shows all advertising their best lives.

You’ve got this girl! You might not know who “you” are just yet… but be open to new ideas, be adventurous, and simply be kind… and you’ll be able to know just who you are in no time. Sometimes finding what makes you happy, and surrounding yourself with the things you love, is the secret sauce to success.