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Man, it really is hard to find the time to work out… we totally get it and 100% feel you on that. This is the time of year when we fall hard and oftentimes quit going to the gym and working on ourselves. Not only does it feel like we’re getting nowhere, but it also feels like the year is going nowhere and it’s so cold! 

If you can’t tell by what we just said… WE GET IT. WE FEEL YOU. STAYING ON TRACK IS SO HARD. However, KEEP GOING! You totally have this… we know it!  Here are a few tips to staying on track and continuing to work out throughout the beginning of the year: 

  1. Just go. Just put your shoes on, and go to the gym or go to the spot in your house where you work out. Don’t even give yourself the option to not go. Show up for yourself. If you do anything today, make it be one small workout. Just one. Doesn’t have to be 3 hours, and you don’t even have to give it your all, but just go. Show up. It will make all of the difference. 
  2. Blare it. Your music of course. Get a good work out soundtrack and roll. It’s true that good workout music can help motivate you. Music can take your mind off of working out and it can even be fun – heck, maybe dance a little in the middle of your cardio or lifting. 
  3. Call on a friend. It really does work if you have someone hold you accountable. Maybe you work out with a friend and they can hold you accountable in that way. However, accountability could be as simple as someone checking in on your daily or weekly to see how things are going. It’s true that if you feel like you have to report to someone on what you’ve done, the chances that you’ll show up and work out are greater than if no one is holding you accountable. 
  4. Do it for yourself. Make your health a priority. Yes working out isn’t always fun or glamorous. But when you make a commitment to yourself you have to show up for you. Don’t work out for anything else – make yourself better for you. 

These might not be the magic bullets to staying on track, but we think if you practice them all, it’ll go a long way and you might just be surprised. Now, get movin’!