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Spring is here and it’s time to take in the sunshine! It’s not only a great time to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside your home, but it’s also the perfect time to make the insideof your home feel warm and inviting as well! Here are 5 easy tips to welcome this wonderful season into your life this year: 

  1. Throw pillows. Not only are throw pillows cute, but they also can add a nice accent to any room. So, go ahead and get your favorite spring pattern for your living room couch and add the perfect touch to your living room. If your bedroom still feels a little wintry, go ahead and get a couple cute pillows to change the vibe of that room as well. 
  2. Freshen it up. Spend some time in your favorite store, smelling the candles and soaps and decide what you want your home to smell like this season. What reminds you of spring? What scent gives you good vibes and makes you feel happy? Be sure to get a couple of candles and plenty of soaps to get you through the next couple months! 
  3. Let the sunshine in. When the weather is just right, not too hot and not to cold, open up your windows and let the fresh air come in. Welcome the spring sunshine with open arms, girl! Vitamin D is your friend!
  4. Florals are in. Not only are floral patterns super appropriate for this time of year, but so is the real deal. If you don’t have a green thumb and aren’t so sure about planting beautiful flowers around your house or apartment, buy some inside succulents that can brighten up your home just the same! 
  5. Tidy up. Take a little extra time for some spring cleaning and you won’t regret it. Nothing says spring like the feeling of a clean home, and a freshly organized closet with all of your spring and summer apparel, ready to be worn. 

There ya have it! In just 5 simple (and cheap) ways, you can easily welcome spring into your home!