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Go with me for a moment… back to the days of just being a kid. You probably remember all kinds of different activities. Maybe you loved the arts and dancing was your thing, so you were whisked away to different recitals and practices on the regular. Maybe you loved picking up a coloring book to shade in with your favorite color of blue. Quite possibly, you enjoyed a trip or two to the playground where you could pretend you were traveling to another dimension while spinning carefree on the merry go round. The list goes on and on. Kids have a variety of activities that help them discover their talents and interests they want to pursue as they age and in return, provides a positive way to reduce stress naturally.

But then all too suddenly, adulthood arrives. We find ourselves hurrying from one activity to the next, and not because it’s something we want to do. Instead, many times it’s because it’s something we HAVE to do. However, it’s vital that we schedule time to continue enjoying the little things so that we can take care of ourselves and not over-stress about adult responsibilities. 

Now… how exactly can we do that? Let’s get back to our roots and remember how we did that earlier in our lives!

Take that stroll through the park that you never make time for.You don’t need a kid in tow to do this either. You can absolutely go alone, and you probably should, to get the full experience. Given you may or may not want to jump on that merry go round any more, a swing may be a good option. Take deep breaths as you experience the coolness of the breeze that hits your face as you gently glide through the air and feel your stress fly away.

Take a class.Choose one that accentuates a hobby that maybe you’ve admired from afar. You may not even be sure you’re good at it, but then again, maybe you’ll find out that you are! Learn how to knit a chunky blanketor try out that new spin class across town. You don’t have to be a professional, but the growth you’ll experience will be worth it. Remember as a kid, you were trying new things ALL the time.

Take a break from social media.Yep, we said it. And yes, we know that you probably got to this article because of a social media link, but sometimes it’s just good to stop peering into other peoples’ lives so you can enjoy yours a little more. It doesn’t need to be your forever situation but have enough self-awareness to know when enough is enough. There’s a reason why young kids shouldn’t be on social media, because it can steal the joy of their childhood – and it can do the same for you as an adult.

Now’s the time to take back your life with some self-care activities. Make time for yourself and for those things that make you grin like an eager little kid! It’s not just great for you, the people around you will notice you smile a little more and shine brighter too!