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Patient Reviews

“Service was amazing!”

“Amazing women who genuinely care. They take their time and give very useful resources. Definitely recommend.”

“I had a positive experience. . . very uplifting, helpful.”

“Very friendly, helpful and comfortable experience.”

“Would definitely refer to a friend!”

“I’ve been here a few times and every time I get great help”

“(The Advocate) was extremely helpful”

“It’s good to know you can come here and not be judged or ashamed.”

“My fiancé and I were welcomed with open arms and we received lots of information.”

“My experience with the Rockville Women’s Center was wonderful!”

“Excellent service”

“Courteous, genuine, judgement free”

“You have all been amazing.”

“Very efficient, kind staff.”

“(The Advocate) was very informed and had the ability to put us at ease.”

“I got all the necessary information I needed and even some that I hadn’t thought of before.”

“ Had a great experience. I felt as though I connected with (Advocate) in such a short time. Would recommend!”