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So, you’re pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy and you really feel like you just need to get it taken care of with an abortion— and quickly?!

Take a deep breath. We can help. Did you know we offer FREE pre- abortion screenings for women putting together an abortion plan? This appointment will help you know exactly what your individual situation looks like and will help you plan your next steps. After all, knowledge is power!

Our FREE Pre- Abortion Screenings in Rockville include the following:

  • Lab-quality pregnancy testing administered by our licensed medical professionals—We use the most accurate, medical-grade pregnancy tests available on the market. Why depend on an at-home test that’s been in a cardboard box, sitting on the shelf at your neighborhood pharmacy, (for who knows how long!) when you can have a professional-grade pregnancy test with no cost to you?
  • Limited Obstetric Sonogram- You may not realize it, but according to March of Dimes, up to half of all pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. Many women don’t have any desire to have a sonogram when planning on abortion as their next step, but that’s the best way to know if your body is preparing for a natural miscarriage. It’s also the best way to know how far along you are in the pregnancy. Many abortion procedure options are determined by this information. Why wouldn’t you want an exam that will allow you to know more details about your specific situation and gives you the opportunity to turn your fear into confidence?
  • STI/STD check- When you’re dealing with the stress of an unplanned pregnancy, you probably aren’t thinking about an STI or STD, but you absolutely should be. Let us take this stressor out of the equation with our STI/STD testing services, completed by our experienced medical professionals. Skipping this step could cause major health issues in the future, because an active STI/STD and an abortion procedure could cause problems like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. That’s why we make sure it’s a part of our Pre-Abortion Screenings. Why put your future and your life at-risk when we can get you checked in a quick appointment if you’re considering abortion in Rockville?
  • Pregnancy and Abortion Options Counseling- Our nurses and advocates have a way of putting you at ease. They’ll help you understand all your results and answer questions you may have. As they go over your options, you’ll have access to unbiased and medically accurate information that will help you with your next steps. Because we don’t profit from any option you choose, you don’t have to worry about any pressure coming your way from us. We’re able to provide you with a discrete place to discuss all your options without fear of judgement or a sales pitch.

So, what are you waiting for? We’re ready for you! Call or Text 240.779.1585 Monday-Thursday 9 AM- 8PM or schedule an appointment online today!