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We know… it’s super cliché for us to suggest that a healthy lifestyle is something to focus on. However, we assure you that making your health a priority is something that you won’t regret. 

Someone once told me, “Do something your future self will thank you for.” I had never really thought about my health in that way before. But it’s true… what you do now, will absolutely affect your future! There are so many small things that you can start making a habit of now and see it payoff tenfold down the road. 

Okay, okay… we’ll end the suspense. Here are several things you can start incorporating into your daily lives and see progress in no time: 

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to choose sleep over studying when you have a difficult exam the next day, but did you know that getting a sufficient amount of rest could actually help your brain retain the information that you’re trying to cram in? It’s true! So, get your rest and wake up a little bit earlier than normal to review your notes. This also goes for work presentations, first days of a new job, and so many other important events in life! Rest can seriously do wonders!  
  • Get up and move at least three times a week.You all know how important exercise is; we don’t even really need to tell you. Even though you already know, we figured it can’t hurt to give you a friendly reminder. Just move! Get out and walk, grab a friend and go! Goodness, you can even make it a social night with your gal pals at the track. You don’t have to spend lots of money and join a gym or even get a personal trainer – but those are good options too!
  • Drink water!Not only is water great for your internal organs, it also does wonders for your skin and gives you a natural glow! Try quitting your soda habits and start making room for water! There are so many health benefits… if you don’t believe us, look it up
  • Unplug – basically commit to a “a digital detox.” We borrowed that term from the internet, but we love it! Seriously, it’s so important to just get away and unplug from all electronics and the outside world. It’s hard to look around and appreciate all that life has when you’re watching what everyone else is doing, what they’re eating, who they’re hanging out with, what their boyfriend did for them, the flowers they received… There are so many demands in life but stepping away and unplugging from them at least once a week is a great way to truly understand yourself more and appreciate the life you have. Look around, did you even notice the trees have leaves? (Well, they should when winter is over) and the birds chirping such beautiful songs? Take time to step away from the highway and nonstop rush hour- enjoy a slower pace for once! 

Not only are these good for your future health, but you will FEEL better along the way. And who doesn’t want to simply feel better? Trust me—Your future self with thank you!