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If you’re online searching for an “abortion near me,” because you’re just finding out that you’re pregnant, we’re your best option in Rockville, Maryland! 

We believe that you deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision about unplanned pregnancy options in a low-pressure environment. We understand that can be hard to find, so we’re thrilled that you found us!

We know you have plans for your future, and a pregnancy right now just wasn’t one of them. We can help you as you navigate your next steps. 

You probably have a list of questions like:

Our trained, licensed medical staff are here to help with these questions, and more! We’ve been in the Rockville, MD area for the past 30 years, taking care of women in situations like yours. 

A quick one-hour appointment will help you get your questions answered and your fears transformed into confidence!If that sounds appealing to you, then why wait another second to schedule your appointment

Maybe you’re still on the fence about whether you really want an abortion, so you’re not sure about scheduling an appointment to discuss abortion. We can assure you that you’re in good hands with us, even if that is your situation. Because we don’t profit off of any pregnancy decision you make, you can know that we won’t pressure you into any decision.Period.

Our goal is to empower you to make an educated decision based upon your individual situation. Medical diagnostic tests like lab-quality pregnancy testing and limited obstetric sonograms can give you more of a complete picture regarding exactly what you’re facing. These tests can tell you things like if you’re definitely pregnant and if your body seems to be preparing for a natural miscarriage. These are really important pieces of information if you’re on the fence about abortion. 

Additionally, STD testing is vital as you decide your next steps, and that’s something many women don’t always think about as they put their abortion plan together. You obviously care about your future, and if you miss this important step, your future health could be negatively impacted in a big way. 

 Our pre-abortion screenings include lab-quality pregnancy testing, limited obstetric sonograms and STD testing at absolutely NO cost to you!Now, do you see why we’re your best option in Rockville, Maryland when searching the internet for “abortion near me”?

At Rockville Women’s Center, we provide compassionate, confidential, and free care to women facing an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, who are considering abortion. You are not alone in this situation and we want to help empower you with the information you need to make a confident choice for your future. So, take a deep breath and take the next step by contacting our center today! Schedule your appointmentonline or call 240.779.1585. 


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