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Sometimes we think that we would absolutely never do something… until we’re smack dab in the middle of that situation. Many women experience this when finding themselves with an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion as an option. 

This can cause you to keep all of your emotions to yourself, because you may not want anyone else to know that you’re pregnant and thinking about abortion. It’s a secret you might really want to keep to yourself. You may start to withdraw from your friends and family in fear of judgment. You might think that you’re all alone on this journey, and that can be a pretty dark place for anyone. 

Women who are facing an accidental pregnancy and trying to decide if abortion is their best option, do NOT have to walk this path alone.”

Let this be an encouragement to you— Women who are facing an accidental pregnancy and trying to decide if abortion is their best option, do NOT have to walk this path alone.

Isolation is a place where fear increases, and hope is diminished. When you’re making a decision about abortion, you need to remember a few simple things: 

Give yourself the gift of timeYou might feel like you just need to get this taken care of and quickly— understandably so. However, it’s best to allow yourself the time to make the best decision for you and your situation. Don’t settle for low quality care by going to a clinic that views you as a number and pressures you into a decision so they can hurry to the next patient. You deserve better than that, no matter your sense of desperation. 

Recognize that you need a no-pressure environment. You need a place where you can discretely discuss your options for your unplanned pregnancy with people you can trust, who will not try to make a decision for you. Sometimes, well-meaning friends and family can make you feel uncomfortable when they have a strong opinion on the matter. This might even make you feel like keeping your pregnancy a secret from your loved ones is a good idea. If this is your situation, it’s vital that you find a place where you can ask questions of experienced professionals without judgment and know that your private information is just that—private. 

Don’t pay for anything you don’t need to. This may seem intriguing, and it actually has a couple meanings. First, did you know that up to half of all pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage, and did you know that there are exams that can evaluate if you are at-risk for a possible miscarriage?  There’s no need to pay for a procedure that you may not even need if your body is preparing for a miscarriage. Additionally, there are women’s health centers you can go to that will check on this for you without charging you a dime. When these women’s centers don’t profit off any services, you can be confident that you’re not just another number to them.

There’s a place that can help you with everything listed above. At Rockville Women’s Center in Rockville, Maryland, we offer you a safe place to discuss your unplanned pregnancy options with free services that include all of the tests you need to make an informed decision. The best decisions are made when you have all of the facts.

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