Whose Choice is it?

Whose Choice is it?

Dear Rockville Women’s Center,

I came into your office recently to talk about getting an abortion. I was scared and confused. I wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t in a financially ideal situation so the thought of having a baby made me anxious. I didn’t have any family support but my boyfriend and friends were there to support me whatever I decided to do. I remember walking into the office and feeling a sense of peace. Everything was so pretty and the woman who met me at the door was super nice. She introduced me to someone who walked me to a counseling room to begin my appointment. They made me feel comfortable enough to share my fears and I am glad that I received information that I didn’t know.  The appointment allowed me to think about my options. I left the appointment feeling confident about my decision to keep my baby. But, after going home and speaking with my boyfriend some more, I have decided to have an abortion. It just makes sense to me. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and not judge me.

Thanks for your time. LC

When we receive a message like this from a client, we wonder “Whose choice is it?” We speak with women of all ages providing information to help them address concerns about their pregnancy.  Usually, a woman leaves our center feeling informed and encouraged, but something happens after she leaves our center. She speaks with someone she trusts, a friend, family member, or the father of the baby and somehow, she doubts her initial decision and reverses her decision to have her baby. This leaves us wondering, “Did someone influence the reversal of her initial decision?”

At the Rockville Women’s Center, our mission is to provide women with accurate information, education, and support to help you comfortably make the best decision for your situation. We provide a safe place to speak out your fears and find solutions that are best for you. Women are stronger than they often think they are and when provided with information and support, they can accomplish great things.