How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day?

How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day?

Papa. Da. Daddy. Dad. 

These are some of the names that we affectionately call our fathers. In just a few days we will be celebrating this man and letting him know just how important he is to us. We understand that not all of us had good experiences with biological fathers. Some of us didn’t even have him around. But, we may have had father-figures in our lives who we looked up to and still do. It could have been a kind neighbor who engaged you in conversation and listened to your dreams and provided guidance. Perhaps it was your grandfather who told stories that captivated your imagination. Maybe it was a youth leader who helped you believe in yourself and let you know that anything is possible.  It could even be that teacher who took the time to notice that you were struggling and spent extra time to make sure that you got it. Whomever that ‘father’ is in your life. Let’s take time to honor him.

  1. So, what are some good memories that you have about your father/father-figure?
  2. What was the best advice that he ever gave you?
  3. If your father/father-figure has passed away, what do you wish you could say to him in honor of Father’s Day?

What to Do for Father’s Day

Simply write an intimate message recognizing and appreciating the role of your father, father-figure, husband, grandfather, or father- in- law. If you can, make or purchase a gift that shows how much they are appreciated.

What are you waiting for?