Sticking to Your Routines – New and Old

Sticking to Your Routines – New and Old

Yep, it’s January and everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Did you make yourself a promise to do new things this coming year? Or are you the type that think resolutions are silly? Don’t worry which of the two you are – everyone has their own ways! However, we want you to know that you are not wrong whether you do one or the other. 

Some people start new lifestyle routines and patterns mid-way through the year, some decide that it’s time to make a change at the end of the year, and some want to wait until the beginning of a new year. Whether or not you have something new that you’ve started and want to hold yourself accountable to, or your waiting for the New Year, we are proud of you!

Resolutions are just a fancy word for new routines. These new routines are often routines to make ourselves better individuals – whether that be calling our parents once a week, staying in touch with old friends, going out of our way to help the elderly, going to the gym more frequently, eating healthier, etc. All of those decisions are made to better ourselves. With that being said, whether you waited for the new year or you decided to make a difference in your life in previous years, you’re already doing great in 2020! 

If you made yourself a promise back in 2019, don’t give up! Keep doing what you’re doing and remember why you chose to start that new routine or practice. If you’ve decided to wait until this year, 2020, keep it up! New things can be hard, but if you made the effort to try harder this year, don’t forget the importance of the resolution and what it means to you – it had to mean something if you told yourself you’re going to try harder this year. 

It doesn’t matter when you decided to make the change, the important part is that you are doing all you can to better yourself and the relationships you cherish. And lastly, don’t forget, if you fall from your new routine and start to stray away, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Give yourself lots of grace and keep your chin up – you can do difficult things!