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Is it just us, or can you feel fall in the air? With festivals approaching, the temperatures dropping, and the holidays quickly approaching… it’s hard to believe it’s already October! So, with fall in full swing, we want to share a couple of things we enjoy doing to feel the season’s full effects. We think you might just like these as well: 

  1. Fill your home with all of the fall scents. Whether it be soaps, candles, or wall scents, buy your favorite aromas and surround yourself with what makes you happy. As the holidays are quickly approaching, all of the stores have a great variety of fragrances. Maybe you don’t enjoy the pumpkin/apple fall smells… and that’s okay! Indulge in cinnamon and hot cocoa smells if that’s more your thing. 
  2. Decorate your home! Making it smell fresh and fall-like is one thing but add some pumpkins and your favorite fall décor (pillows, blankets, etc.) and your home will be feeling the vibes right with you and your friends! 
    –> On a budget? Have no fear… there are plenty of affordable décor options. Checkout Target’s dollar bins, or Home Goods’ clearance rack – there’s normally just enough to spice up your home in an affordable way. 
  3. Treat yourself! Are you a pumpkin spice latte girl? Or maybe you absolutely despise it? Nonetheless, treat yourself to your favorite coffee or cold latte! It doesn’t have to be every day, and maybe even once a week is too much. You know your budget better than anyone – just do you!But make sure to treat yourself on occasion! 
  4. Smile! Nothing says the holidays are coming like kindness being spread. So take a look around and smile at everyone you see. We promise it won’t just make them feel better, it will also make you feel better. 

You don’t have to do them all, but we suggest giving them a try! This is a great time of year to slow down a bit and relax with friends and family. 

Happy fall!