Creating a Self-Care Routine

Creating a Self-Care Routine

Monday: busy, work event

Tuesday: busy, attend sports game with friend

Wednesday: busy, loads of laundry and house work

Thursday: busy, work/school outing 

Friday: busy, night out with girlfriends

Saturday: plans all day, busy, dog park, meal prep, evening event 

Sunday: busy, scrambling to find time to prep for another busy week

Does the schedule above look familiar? Like something that you experience on a weekly basis? 

We get it… life is so busy and there is always something going on that needs our attention. With life flying by at the speed of light, it’s so important that we take care of ourselves, our bodies, and the relationships around us. Here are some tips that we routinely practice. Perhaps they will help you to take time to stay refreshed and rejuvenated each and every day. 

  • Make time for yourself each morning. You might be busy every night with your work, school, and your social schedule… but no one can take away your mornings. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you routinely get up. Take this time to reflect, drink your coffee, sit on your deck, and maybe even get lost into a book. If you’re not a reader and exercise is more your thing, set your alarm for 45 minutes earlier to take a morning jog. We are confident that how you manage your morning will set the pace for the rest of the day. 
  • Stay on your time. Don’t be afraid to say no! If you’re already extremely overwhelmed with your personal chores and home tasks, it’s okay to pass on a girl’s night out every now and then. Don’t feel bad about saying no to take time that you need to stay on track with your goals – even if those goals mean staying on top of chores at home.
  • Breathe. This might seem simple, but if you’re ever feeling extremely overwhelmed – like the world keeps spinning faster and faster – step back and take a deep breath. Think about what is important to you and the relationships you value most, then step back into your day. Sometimes a deep breath and getting a hold on your current situation is all you need to relax a bit and come back down to earth. 
  • Wind down each night. We understand it might be impossible to do every night, but do your best to take time to wind down from your day. A couple of our favorite things include: a warm bath or shower, a nice face mask treatment, a cup of hot tea, reading our favorite book with our favorite scented candle nearby, spending time and reflecting on the day remembering the things that we’re most thankful for. 
  • Thank someone. Relationships are so important. You are surrounded by friends and family that adore you and love scheduling time with you. Make sure that you spend time nourishing the relationships you value most. Thank those around you and be grateful. Expressing how thankful you are to others will in turn make them feel good. What better way to feel good about yourself than by helping someone in feeling better about themselves? 

We hope we have sparked some ideas or gave you some new things to try! Your happiness is important, and so is your health. Start by creating a self-care routine to make sure you make yourself a priority in your busy life!