Sleep… and Why It’s So Important

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Sleep… and Why It’s So Important

What’s the one thing that no one ever gets enough of, but it’s something we all need a solid amount of? You guessed it… it’s sleep! There are so many reasons we don’t get enough sleep, but the #1 reason we all fail at this tall task is because life is just busy! 

We get it, we know there is always so much going on at once, all requiring us to stay up longer and wake up earlier… after all, the early bird gets the worm, right? Well, actually, not always. Not if your body isn’t rested enough to function properly! 

Here are four reasons why getting enough quality sleep is extremely important for you, and your health! 

  1. Poor sleep quality is actually connected to weight gain. There are many studies that show a correlation between poor sleeping habits and increased obesity. Doesn’t make sense? Just think about it… if you don’t get enough sleep, your brain can’t function properly the next day. The same goes for your body! If you don’t give it the rest that it needs, your body isn’t going to be top notch and assist you in any way either. Additionally, with low sleep quality, you won’t have any energy, and your body needs energy to fight off fat. 
  2. Good sleep can maximize concentration and productivity. We really think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  Sleeping more gives you more energy, which in turn allows you to be more productive and concentrate throughout the day. 
  3. Lack of sleep is linked to depression. Being tired all the time puts your mind in a state of sadness. If you’re in a dark place and sad nonstop because you just can’t get enough energy to crawl out of your mood, after a while, you will become depressed. Get some rest and be sure to talk to someone if you’re feeling down. Remember, we’re always here to listen! 
  4. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep has been proven to boost your immune system. We know, you’ve heard it before… when you’re not feeling well, you’re told to go home and get some rest. That’s because it works! Getting enough sleep does wonders for your body and repairs your immune system. Afterall, when you’re sick, it’s because your body got worn down and an infection was able to penetrate your system. So, battle back and don’t let sickness get you down by getting more sleep at night! 

It really seems so simple… just sleep more! However, we all know it’s not that easy. We just recommend being more conscious of your sleep habits and trying to make small choices here and there to allow yourself to get more rest. Happy sleeping!