Will Abortion Ruin My Future Relationship with Him?

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Will Abortion Ruin My Future Relationship with Him?

Will Abortion Ruin My Future Relationship with Him? — Let’s unpack this—emotions, questions, confusion and all. This specific question seems to be the one that lingers in the minds of so many women in the Rockville area that come to see us. 

Relationships are already tough, right? 

You have two individuals who each bring their own opinions, needs and dreams to a relationship, hoping they can blend those together to make a good future that is enjoyable for the both of them. Throw an unexpected pregnancy in there and suddenly everything seemingly changes for the both of you. 

Discovering that you are pregnant, when you have absolutely no desire to be, may be simply overwhelming. Being overwhelmed may cause you to be filled with fear and anxiety that in turn spins up your emotions. That can have you searching to regain your identity that you feel like is slipping away. You may feel yourself turning against your significant other and find yourself asking questions like: 

“What if he wants this, but I don’t?” 

“What if I want this, but he doesn’t?” 

Perhaps the hardest one to respond to is if he says, “I’ll support whatever you decide.” 

While this one probably seems like the best response to him, doesn’t he understand that if you opened up about this pregnancy information with him, that you’d like him to give you more reassurance than just that? This well-meaning and neutral response from him can naturally have you second guessing yourself even more now. 

It’s normal that your mind may be racing because you don’t want to make the wrong decision, rightfully knowing that this could possibly impact your future together. I mean, isn’t that exactly what you’re trying to protect right now as you think about having an abortion—your own future and maybe even your future with him? 

While we’d love for the internet to magically help us with a simple yes or no answer by typing in “will abortion ruin my future relationship with him,” that’s just not how it works. There are answers out there, but they can only be properly explored when you can connect with unbiased individuals who specialize in helping women in unplanned pregnancies who are considering abortion. 

Why is it important to go to a specialist who is trained to work with women experiencing unexpected pregnancies you might ask? 

Well, you need a safe place to gather your thoughts, give you factual answers to your questions, and help you put a plan together for your next steps that fits exactly what you need. And well, sometimes that’s just hard for people close to you to do when they are directly involved in the situation. It’s hard to give unbiased advice when the situation impacts their life as well. 

Also, someone who has vast experience working with women who have been in similar situations as yours has a lot of valuable information to offer you. That’s something most well-meaning friends can’t do for you. 

Where do you find experienced professionals who can help you when you’re trying to make decisions about abortion and how it could affect your future? Rockville Women’s Center offers free pre-abortion screenings that include a nurse consult, viability testing to evaluate if it looks like your pregnancy is progressing or miscarrying, STI testing, and options counseling. 

Our licensed, medical professionals have a way of putting you at ease. They’ll help you understand all your results and answer questions you may have. Because we don’t profit from any option you choose, you don’t have to worry about any pressure coming your way from us. We’re able to provide you with a discrete place to discuss all your options without fear of judgement or a sales pitch. 

In fact, all of our services are offered FREE of charge, because we’re a non-profit women’s health center in Rockville, Maryland that believes in empowering women to make the best decision for their life and their situation. Schedule your appointment with us today!