Knowledge is Power … But Why?

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Knowledge is Power … But Why?

One of the things that we always talk about, and strongly believe is that knowledge is in fact power. However, this time, we aren’t just going to ask you to believe us… we are going to tell you why knowledge and being educated makes you powerful and allows you to take control of any situation you might be in. 

1. Having knowledge, about whatever it may be, allows you to be confident and independent. Not only does the information you know give you ground to stand on and back up any claim with confidence, but it allows you to feel good in knowing that you can make sound decisions because you’re educated and informed. 

a. Think about it the other way around, if you have a problem, or a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t you feel weak? Out of sorts? Insecure not knowing the answers? Dependent on others to help you find the answer? It’s perfectly fine to ask for help in these instances and understand the truth and facts behind whatever your problem may be. You’ll be better equipped the next time something similar arises, or even better, you might be able to help someone else with the same problem.

2. You’ll gain respect! When you have the facts, and you’re in a conversation with someone, they are going to be impressed with you for not only having knowledge, but having facts to support the information you’re sharing with them. 

a. You don’t ever want to be that person that “always has to have an answer”. Be the person who may not always have the answer, but when you do, it’s true and backed with confidence and facts! 

3. In this fast-paced, always-changing world we live in, there is so much going on around us, we don’t always have time to stop and think. Because of this, we are more prone to stress, fear, and the anxieties of nonstop worry. What better way to stop worrying than to have the facts to set your mind at ease, and even boost your mindset to be a more positive one. 

a. Not sure what we’re talking about here? Well, think about what makes you worry the most. Is it paying all of the bills? Is it finding affordable options near you for food or even living? Think about what you might be able to educate yourself about in order to put those fears aside. Maybe you focus on saving money, decreasing your electric bill, etc. What better way to figure out how to do those things than a little research and gaining an understanding of tips and ways that can help you accomplish those goals. 

b. As any millineal knows, it’s pretty easy to grab your phone and find the closest food near you. However, maybe the closest isn’t the most practical or affordable. Do some research, understand what you’re up against, and stick to your plan. 

Knowledge is power. Start small, find things that you can dive into and educate yourself with. You won’t regret the feeling of empowerment!