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When it’s the right time and with the right person, a pregnancy test can be the best test you ever take. But if you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, it can be an overwhelming and anxiety-provoking time. If you are in the middle of an unexpected pregnancy or worried that you could be pregnant, we want to help you confirm a viability pregnancy, and walk you through your different options.

How Do I Find Out?

While a false positive pregnancy test isn’t common, it occasionally happens. At-home pregnancy tests are not 100% effective and they can’t confirm a viable pregnancy. A pregnancy test detects the presence of a hormone called hCG, which is produced during pregnancy. However, there are chemical reasons you may experience a false positive result. The only accurate way to test for a viable pregnancy is to schedule an ultrasound. Not only does it confirm pregnancy, but it also identifies the viability and age of the pregnancy. Viability is how likely the pregnancy is to continue naturally, as about 20% of recognized pregnancies will end in a miscarriage.

What to Do If I Am?

After you receive a positive pregnancy test and a positive ultrasound result, there is one more test that is highly recommended. If you are considering an abortion, having an STD screening is very important. If you have an unidentified or untreated STD, you are susceptible to infected cells traveling into your uterus during an abortive procedure. This spread can often lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which can affect your reproductive health in many ways. This quick and easy test can prevent you from dealing with complications in the future.

What Are My Options?

You have a few options to consider when you are facing an unexpected pregnancy. We want to make sure you do not feel pushed to choose the option that someone else wants for you. The decision you make is yours alone and should be made with confidence. Abortion options include surgical and medical but allowing your pregnancy to continue has a few more options. You can choose to continue the pregnancy and parent alone, with your partner, or family. Every option has a different outcome for you, so be sure you talk to someone who can help empower you to make an informed choice.

Rockville Women’s Center is passionate about providing medical care and accurate, unbiased information to women facing unexpected pregnancies. We choose to care for and educate women. When you come to Rockville, you’ll meet with a personal advocate who will not only give you the facts about your pregnancy options but also provide you with excellent medical and compassionate care. For your no-cost pre-abortion consultation, make an appointment or contact us for further questions.