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Nearly 40% of all pregnancies are unplanned and approximately 50% of those end in abortion. There are many factors women must consider when facing an unplanned pregnancy and the future they may be up against, but without caring, emotional support, these factors can feel overwhelming.  There are hundreds of women who experience the emotional and financial stress of an untimely pregnancy. With plenty of clinics and centers for abortion options in Rockville, why should you choose Rockville Women’s Center as your first stop when searching for an abortion?

Pre-Abortion Testing

Our pre-abortion testing includes a medical grade pregnancy test, sonogram, and STD tests. These three tests provide critical information when you suspect you are pregnant. While pregnancy tests can be positive for multiple reasons, if you do show a positive test result, a sonogram will confirm the viability of the pregnancy as well as a gestational age. This allows you to explore all of your abortion options and costs. Up to 1 in 5 early pregnancies end on their own so taking a pregnancy test at home is not enough to confirm a viable pregnancy.

STD testing is critical when considering an abortion. Without testing and treatment, harmful STD cells can travel into the uterus during an abortion and may lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. PID often causes a lifetime of reproductive health issues but can be avoided with limited STD testing from Rockville Women’s Center.

Professional Care and Advocates

We don’t just provide medical-grade services, we also provide each woman a Personal Advocate to walk her through the entire pre-abortion testing process as well as help her understand all of her abortion and pregnancy options. This time can be overwhelming and the information received can be too much to process alone, we encourage our patients to come with all of their questions. We want to be a source of comfort during this time and ensure you feel empowered by the information and care you receive! No one should have to walk through this alone.

Unbiased Information

The internet is a great source of information but can be misleading and you are often presented with biased and targeted information from financially motivated sites and centers. We know firsthand the difficulty of this situation and want to make sure you hear the unbiased truth about your pregnancy options! We have no financial gain from your decisions which makes us your best source for accurate and unbiased information. Regardless of the circumstances that brought you here, we want you to experience the freedom of trusting the information and care from Rockville Women’s Center.

When seeking abortion options in Rockville, make an appointment at Rockville Women’s Center for your pre-abortion testing! Our center provides personal, non-judgemental, and supportive care for women considering an abortion. We want to empower women to make the right choices for themselves and arm them with the truth about their pregnancy options. Contact us today to schedule your free pre-abortion testing or visit our website to learn more.